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Top 3 Homemade Summer Drinks For Kids

Homemade Summer Drinks For Kids

Homemade summer drinks for kids - The youngsters will enjoy making these delicious summer beverages as well as cooling down. Almost the majority of these recipes are simple enough for children to prepare on their own. Try them all, and feel free to combine flavors to make a "unique" beverage that youngsters may enjoy with their loved ones.

Even though these beverages are suitable for children, there is no reason not to serve a mocktail or two at an adult party. For several reasons, many people don't drink alcohol; nevertheless, this does not imply that they should only be permitted to consume water.


1. Whipped Frozen Lemonade

Whipped Frozen Lemonade

Whipped frozen lemonade is an amazingly delicious delicacy that blends the creaminess of a milkshake with the thirst-quenching tanginess of freshly squeezed lemonade. And only four ingredients and a blender are required to make this straightforward frozen lemonade delight. 

Although the finished product won't be as thick and creamy, you may substitute light coconut milk or chilled coconut milk for full-fat coconut milk. Simple syrup leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

Ingredients and how to make Whipped Frozen Lemonade

Lemon Simple Syrup

  • Granulated sugar, half a cup
  • Water, 1/2 cup
  • 1 lemon's zest


  • 2 lemons' juice, freshly squeezed into 12 cup
  • 1 cup of coconut milk with cream
  • Ice cubes, 2 12 cups

Steps to make Whipped Frozen Lemonade 

  1. Making simple syrup: In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring water and sugar to a boil while stirring regularly until the sugar dissolves. Add the lemon zest, then turn off the heat. After one hour of steeping under cover, strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve, throwing away the zest. (There will be excess syrup; store in the fridge for up to a week.)
  2. To make whipped lemonade, combine ice, coconut milk, lemon juice, and 1/2 cup of simple syrup in a blender. Blend the ingredients until they are mushy and the ice is pulverized. Serve immediately after dividing among 4 glasses measuring 8 ounces.


2. Basil Lemonade

Basil Lemonade

This cooling summer beverage, which also has a hint of honey sweetness, combines basil and lemon to a wonderful effect. For a stronger basil taste, prepare ahead and let the mixture steep for 30 to 1 hour before filtering.

Ingredients and how to make Lemonade Basil

  • 1 1/4 cups fresh lemon juice (from approximately 8 lemons), plus garnishing lemon slices
  • 1/2 cup of honey or agave nectar
  • 1 cup of dried basil leaves packed, plus extra for garnish
  • 3 cups of iced water
  • An ice cube

Steps to make Basil Lemonade

  1. Blend basil, honey (or agave), and lemon juice in a blender until pretty smooth. Put through a sieve and into a big jar or pitcher. When ready to serve, add water and refrigerate.
  2. Slices of lemon and basil leaves should be added as a garnish. Serve over ice.

3. Egg Cream Recipe

Egg Cream Recipe
If you've never had this traditional dessert, it's similar to a fizzy milkshake but without the ice cream or mixer. A New York egg cream, on the other hand, is a classic soda fountain concoction made with milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer water. Sometimes the most delicious things are the simplest.

Ingredients to make Egg Cream

  • 1 cup cold milk
  • 1/4 cup cold seltzer water
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup

Ste ps to make egg cream drink

  1. Gather the ingredients. A 12-ounce serving glass should be chilled in the freezer. Before creating and serving an egg cream, you should make sure the glass is very cold.
  2. Fill the chilled glass with the cold milk.
  3. Fill the glass with seltzer until the white head of the drink is visible at the top.
  4. Pour some syrup into the glass and mix it up. With a straw, please.

You may be sure that these Homemade summer drinks recipes will keep your kids content and healthy during hot summer days and elegant tea parties. These beverages will be enjoyed by your kids while providing them with healthy nourishment.

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